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I’m Jenni Houston, nutrition consultant, personal trainer, healthy chef, and founder of Bliss Body Wellness. Bliss Body’s motto is “ LOVE THE HEALTHY YOU” and I believe that life is meant to be lived happy, healthy and whole. It is my goal to inspire you to achieve optimal nutrition, fitness and wellness. My BLISS is sharing my passion for healthy living and providing you the guidance, motivation, and support to make a permanent lifestyle changes.

Bliss Body is dedicated to helping you say goodbye to the days of unhealthy eating, consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, unhappiness, and move towards a positive and permanent transformation to a healthier way of life. I want to empower YOU to take responsibility for your own wellness. By taking responsibility for your own health, you can become a positive influence and role model for all the people around you. The world is a very unhealthy place right now and I believe the solution is to empower people to take control of their nutrition, health and fitness by providing the tools, information, and support to help them succeed.

Launching in July 2013, the Bliss Body Plan is a comprehensive cleanse and eating & lifestyle plan that promotes clean, whole foods and juices; fruits and vegetables; lean proteins; healthy fats; nuts and seeds; and whole non-gluten grains. The plan embraces a diet free of chemical-laden, processed and common allergenic foods. It is based on the 85/15 principle- eating healthy, nourishing foods 85% of the time allows you body to handle unhealthy and depleting foods the other 15%. This is not a calorie-based plan- it is all about good, healthy food and lifestyle choices. By eliminating foods that are known allergen-causing and then gradually reintroducing them, you can learn which for foods are right for you and your body. The plan provides you with tools to help you learn correct nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

Here’s to loving the healthy you!

jenni houston

CLICK HERE FOR Bliss Body Manifesto: Guidelines for Loving the Healthy You!

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