Welle by Jenni Houston is a unique, body-oriented approach to healing trauma and anxiety, releasing shame, building resiliency, and reconnecting with your true, vibrant self. Using a bottom-up approach, Welle combines mindful movement, breathwork, inner core health, Polyvagal Theory fundamentals, somatic body-mind experiencing, and intuitive healing to help you befriend your nervous system and let go of anxiety, shame, and perfection.




  • You experience anxiety, depression, and/or toxic shame
  • You want to feel safe and at home in your body
  • You feel "stuck" and not able to move forward in your life
  • You have trouble sleeping at night and/or focusing during the day
  • You experience toxic relationships, self-sabotage, or lack a "gut instinct" 
  • You have trouble setting boundaries
  • You are doing "all the right (healthy) things", but still feel unwell
  • You want to learn how to let go of overthinking, people-pleasing, and perfectionism
  • You feel burned out, overwhelmed, or exhausted
  • You experience chronic health issue(s) and have been unable to find a lasting solution
  • You want to have a sherpa to be alongside you on your healing journey
  • You want to reconnect with your authentic, true self
  • You are ready to turn coping skills into resources
  • You want to increase your resiliency and window of tolerance to better handle the ups and downs of life
  • You learn to be with body sensations while remaining grounded and present
  • You want to be equipped with a personalized, self-care toolbox of everyday practices, exercises, and techniques to support your nervous system



I believe you have the innate wisdom and body intelligence to heal and release unprocessed trauma resulting in anxiety, shame, perfection, and disconnection. You are worthy of feeling safe within your body and loving yourself unconditionally. I believe that when you learn to trust your body you will discover more happiness than you ever thought possible. It's your time to let it all go, dive in, and begin the inner work. You can create and live the life you have always dreamed of!

- Jenni Houston, Somatic Trauma Coach





Welle by Jenni Houston (available in 3- and 6-month containers) is a personalized healing program to support you in reclaiming your mind-body health and returning to your true, authentic self. Welle is designed to help you learn somatic tools and practices to release trauma, relieve anxiety, befriend your nervous system, build capacity, and create an embodied sense of safety, connection, and resilience. Together, we address your body, your mind, and your patterns to support and integrate meaningful transformation. where you experience co-regulation, safety, and connection.



  • Weekly, in-person or online sessions via my Practice Better portal.
  • Personalized, 75-min sessions where you experience co-regulation, guidance, safety, and connection.
  • The Welle Method helps you understand how your body responds to stress and how to work with these sensations and survival responses.
  • Working together, we help you slowly increase tolerance for uncomfortable bodily sensations and suppressed emotions, while facilitating the release of the trapped survival energy stuck in the body somatically.
  • The Welle Method combines mindful movement, breathwork, inner core health, Polyvagal Theory fundamentals, somatic body-mind experiencing, and intuitive healing to help you befriend your nervous system and let go of anxiety, shame, and perfection.
  • You are provided an opportunity to reshape your autonomic nervous system, master your stress physiology, build resilience, and more fully engage in your life.
  • You will learn take-home, practical tools to support you in your daily life allowing you to shift away from old survival patterns to experiencing life more grounded, safe, and present.
  • Messaging support (via the Practice Better portal) between sessions and access to additional materials and resources.



I offer in-person sessions at my studio, The Welle, in the Charleston, SC area and online/virtually via the Practice Better portal. 



Our sessions will involve movement, so I recommend wearing comfortable clothing such as workout or yoga clothing. 



Sessions are 75 minutes and take place weekly for 12 consecutive weeks (3 month container) or 24 weeks (6 month container). Messaging support is offered between sessions.



I am a trauma-informed somatic coach, not a therapist. While many clients experience healing and life-changing results from our sessions, I am not a licensed therapist and my services should in no way be construed as or substituted for psychotherapy, mental health counseling, medical treatment, diagnosis, or medical advice. My coaching method is based on the best of the healing modalities I have studied, lived, and embodied over the past three decades. My body-oriented, healing blueprint merges science, spirituality (the “woo),” and somatics to help you move from a state of survival, anxiety, and shame to one of hope, purpose, and potential.  

Your sessions are based on three pillars to empower you along your healing journey and create lasting transformation:       

1. Regulation - learn tools to consciously self- and co-regulate by rewiring your brain, understanding and regulating your autonomic nervous system, improving your emotional processing, learning somatic movements, and toning your vagus nerve.

2. Integration - learn to build capacity and resiliency, understanding your ego and soul, developing authentic core values, resolving trauma patterns, healing shame and unpacking your attachment style(s).

3. Freedom - thriving through ongoing personal transformation, living your purpose, re-engaging fully with life again, contributing to community, regain full vitality, and inspiring others. Our sessions may include one or more of the following: trauma-informed somatic movement, vagus nerve work, breathwork, mindfulness techniques, Polyvagal education, nervous system regulation tools, internal resourcing, attachment theory, intuitive healing, and more.



All Welle coaching programs must be paid in full (or initial payment installment received) before the first session start date. Due to the nature of this work, there is a no refund policy for any services offered.

In the event that you request a cancellation prior to the start date of your program (due to illness, medical emergency, or other unforeseen circumstances or hardship), a 10% cancellation fee will be applied. All cancellation request must be made no later than 3 business days prior to first session state date.

In the event you need to reschedule a session, please provide 24 hours advance notice via the Practice Better messenger or email. I allow one late cancellation per client, otherwise you will forfeit the session.

Sessions expire within 4 months for the 3-month container or within 7 months for the 6-month container from the start date of your first session. Any unused sessions will be forfeited without refund, unless you have requested an extension. For grandfathered pricing, sessions expire 1 month after the specific container purchased.



One of my main goals as a trauma-informed somatic coach is to have open, honest, and transparent communication with my clients. In order to have a safe and authentic working relationship, it is important that we can communicate both during and between sessions. In addition to session follow-ups, I offer messaging support, feedback, and guidance through the Better portal between sessions. My typical response time is 12-24 hours, Monday through Friday.

In return, as part of our coach-client partnership, I ask that you respond to any messages or emails (excluding announcements or sales) I send to you. It is my policy to send two follow-up messages (one via Better portal, then one email) after the original message/email. If there is no communication after 3 attempts, your coaching program will be suspended. If there is no response within 30 days, your remaining coaching sessions will be forfeited.



If you have any additional questions, please email me at