The process of discovery, connecting the dots, and resolution takes time. Because it is my mission to help you achieve lasting, long-term results, I offer a variety of nutritional counseling options. My nutrition packages include personalized support, comprehensive case review, coaching and education, a dedicated client portal and mobile app through Healthie™, access to my online dispensary, and member discounts with our wellness partners. All personalized plans emphasize optimal nutrition, natural supplements, healthy movement and stress management. 



 Integrative nutrition counseling and support

Digestive wellness - leaky gut, GERD, ulcers, and IBS

Autoimmune issues - diabetes, Hashimoto's, skin problems, MS, lupus, infections and other chronic diseases

Endocrine system imbalances - HPA axis/adrenal dysfunction, thyroid disease and sex hormones

Identify pathogens, toxins, and stressors causing imbalances in your body's systems

Functional lab ordering and detailed analysis 

Network of integrative, functional medicine and holistic health practitioners

Herbal and supplement recommendations

Meal planning, grocery support, and kitchen makeovers

Health and lifestyle coaching

Prenatal, postnatal and childhood nutrition