I’ve been doing nutrition counseling for over six years now and I love every minute of it! There is nothing more gratifying than helping people discover better health, resolve chronic health problems and just feel better. I believe that healthy people are a tribe- they are The Tribe I am in and one I want everyone to be a part of. I love how Dr. Daniel Amen puts it,


 “Hang around healthy people – their habits and lifestyles are contagious”


So, I have set out to do something dramatically different with my nutrition practice. I want everyone in “The Tribe”. I want more people uncovering their potential for a better, healthier life. And I want to help you do this- my passion is your health!


With this in mind, Jenni Houston Nutrition is now offering..

Personalized, functional nutrition counseling through convenient memberships


You will get….

Get an in-depth assessment, structured action plan and long-term support from a certified nutritionist, bringing together the expertise of science-based research with a holistic philosophy 


My membership-based nutrition and wellness programs focus on you as an individual, your personal health concerns and your long-term vitality. I partner with my clients to help guide them on their path to wellness. In my client-centered approach to healing, I will help you identify the underlying, root causes of your health issues. We will assess your nutrition, lifestyle habits, genetic make-up, stress management, and both your internal and external environments, and then create a customized action plan based on your individual needs and health concerns. Whether you’re looking to resolve a chronic health problem, begin a clean eating plan, detox, or take your health to the next level, we will work together to restore and maintain your optimal health.

So, how does this Therapeutic Partnership work? 

Together, we will dig deep, connect the dots and clear the muddy waters.

  • Dig deep: We will identify key factors, such as genetics predispositions or mutations, triggering events, nutrient deficiencies, autoimmunity and hormone imbalances that are affecting your health.
  • Connect the dots: We will put on our detective hats and look at your whole health story, assessments, lab work, functional timeline, food diaries, environmental stressors, and much more to determine the root cause of your symptoms and how to move forward.
  • Clear the muddy waters: Once we have gathered all of the information, I will create a personalized, evidence-based protocol that includes specific dietary interventions, lifestyle recommendations, and supplements to help you to unlock your potential to be the healthiest version of yourself.


More about the Personalized Nutrition Memberships

This process of discovery, digging deep, connecting the dots, and resolution takes time. Because it is my mission to help you achieve long-term, sustainable results, I offer 6-month and 1-year nutrition memberships. Nutrition memberships include:

  • Personalized support with unlimited coaching and education
  • In-depth assessment and case review 
  • Follow-up consultations scheduled at your convenience
  • Dedicated client portal for online scheduling, payments and access to notes, lab reports and health records
  • Discounted, hand-picked, professional grade supplements
  • Access to state-of-the art lab testing to access risk factors and biomarkers  
  • Member discounts with our wellness partners, such as Beautycounter, Thrive Market and Vital Proteins
  • Access to Jenni Houston’s library of resources, handouts, and education materials
  • Weekly food, mood and activity analysis


All personalized plans emphasize optimal nutrition, natural supplements, healthy movement and stress management. Want to learn more about my nutrition memberships, how to find the right program for you, and answer any questions you have before signing up? Request a free consultation.

Holistic nutrition and wellness is the next step in taking care of your health, yet many conventional doctors ignore this. Don’t just wait for disease or illness to happen- prevention is key! Taking the right steps to boost your overall health, your immune system, and address the root cause of disease is the foundation of my practice. I work with your whole self:  mind, body and spirit.  I believe that you have to treat yourself as an integrated system. Your body, your mind and your emotions all affect each other, and getting healthier – getting to better than just “well” – getting to Glow! – means that you have to address all of them.

I can’t wait for you to join THE TRIBE!

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