I was so excited last week when a client emailed me and asked if I had seen EWG’s Food Scores Guide. It always makes me happy when my clients, friends and family are proactive about their nutrition and health :). This resource is a must-have for all you wellness warriors out there!

EWG’s Food Score database is your go-to guide for making cleaner, healthier food choices. It uses three food scoring factors:

  1. Nutrition Concerns. How healthy is the food you are eating? The nutrition concerns takes into account things such as calories, saturated fat, trans fat, sugar, sodium, protein, fiber and fruit, vegetable and nut content.
  2. Ingredient Concerns. This focuses on factors such as the presence contaminants, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics in your food. In addition, it addresses the health implications of a variety additives, preservatives, and chemicals.
  3. Processing Concerns. This focuses on the type and degree of processing involved in making your food.

One of the many things I love about this guide is they are very tough with their scores. As stated on their website, EWG’s product scores range from 1 (best) to 10 (worst). Only one food out of six earns Food Scores’ top rating. Here’s how the scores break down across the 80,000+ products:

  • Only 18 percent score green (1-3.5).
  • 57 percent score yellow to orange (4-7).
  • 25 percent score red (8-10).

Another awesome thing about this resource is you can get it right on your phone! EWG’s Food Scores app is available on iPhones and coming soon for Androids. You can type in a particular food or simply scan the bar code on the package and get a food’s score right while your shopping. How easy is that?!


Happy Healthy Shopping!


xo, jenni


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