Here are your real-life stories of how Jenni Houston Integrative Nutrition + Wellness has inspired you to own your health, find your glow, and discover true wellness. Share your high fives with us! To be featured here, just email us at or share on Instagram #jennishouston. 


Holly W.

Jenni saved me from the depths of postpartum depression after my second child. My postpartum depression came in the form of intense anxiety. By analyzing my blood work and consulting with me, she was able to figure out what I was lacking, which could all be supplemented naturally and through diet. Jenni did all of this for me after multiple doctors prescribed me to a variety of medications which made my anxiety much worse. After Jenni pulled me out of my dark hole of anxiety (all with natural supplements and diet!), she had a new challenge. I was diagnosed with low grade lymphoma and would undergo 4 weeks of radiation for treatment. Jenni worked with me to switch up my supplements accordingly and got me through another challenging period in my life (I am the mother of a 1 1/2 year old and a 4 year old and a wife with a full time job and a dog to top it all off). Jenni has been a major rock in my life.  She checks in frequently and genuinely cares.  Jenni is passionate about what she does and she is truly exceptional.  Jenni Houston Integrative Nutrition + Wellness made my life better when no doctor could.  I will seek her guidance for the rest of my healthy life!

Ferris N.

When I first met Jenni Houston, I was battling with the confusion of skin rashes, thyroid imbalances, anxiety, and more. But mostly frustration from being bounced from doctor to doctor with little or no answers. Basically treating my symptoms but never looking for the root of why they started in the first place. With Jenni, I never felt like just another number in the office.. but yet gained a personalized experience for MY needs. If you too are struggling with the bouncing around battle, or merely just want to find the inner reason of "what is the root problem," Jenni is a MUST see nutrition expert! 

Emily F.

After having my first baby, I was feeling frustrated by my lack of energy, insatiable hunger, and how I felt about my body. I decided to call Jenni to help me with losing that last 10-15 pounds and making consistent, healthy choices around food. Over a couple months, Jenni helped me to understand the right foods to put into my body, helped me to have more energy, and I was on my way to getting my body back. Jenni is amazing at what she does is! Her approach is not only evidenced-based but practical, realistic, and really works. 

Missy Q.

I loved working with Jenni. I originally sought her out to help with my GERD and to get off of medication. From the get-go, she was really warm, friendly and fun to work with. We talked about my symptoms and how committed I was to changing my lifestyle. It took a lot of work to get down to the problem, but it was worth the testing, diet changes and supplement protocols to be on the right path. I feel much better now, I’m not taking medication, and we even treated some systemic problems that I hadn’t identified before (like fatigue, indigestion and eczema). I really understand what’s going on with my body and I feel better than I have in years! Thanks Jenni!

Magee M. 

As a long time sufferer of GERD and acid reflux, I had almost given up on trying to find a solution. I saw both nutritionists and GI doctors, but rather than take the medication prescribed to me which simply masked the effects, Jenni helped me fix the underlying problem with nutritional and lifestyle changes. At the beginning these adjustments were challenging, but with Jenni’s constant support, guidance and thorough nutritional knowledge, it became a routine and I cannot imagine living any other way! She helped me identify certain triggers and I now know which foods to avoid and as a result have a great handle on my symptoms and feel much more in control of my body. I also lost over 8 pounds in the process.  I cannot thank Jenni enough for helping change my life and feeling the best I’ve ever felt! I recommend her highly!

Carrie S. 

Jenni Houston Integrative Nutrition + Wellness, her exceptional book and personal coaching has changed my life. I started working with her years ago when I first got married in an attempt to simply get fit. What I didn't realized when I first started with Jenni, is that not only would I end up fit, but it changed  every part of my life for the better. After one on one nutrition consulting, we determined that my body needed a major tune up and it all started with food. I am the testament that her method works. I was the girl who NEVER wanted to cook. I was intimidated in the kitchen.  Now I know that her recipes are delicious and easy. And you feel so good after you eat her food for a week. you start seeing the most drastic healthy changes in your body, your mood and your digestion. jenni help me feel good again and lose the weight after my first baby. For you all you pregnant ladies out there or anyone who has just had a baby, you know how harsh that process can be on your body. Call Jenni and sign up to be part of her healthy lifestyle. You will feel a hundred times better. I also learned from Jenni that every person and body is unique. There is not a diet out there or a book out there that can give you the kind of results that Jenni can. Because she finds what's works for YOU. She spends countless hours developing a program tailored specifically to your needs. and if you follow her guidelines, you will truly GLOW after your body transforms! I am a fan for life. Thanks Jenni!

Elizabeth S.

Jenni has a unique, logical, well-informed approach to healthy eating and fitness. The Glow Plan definitely gets results! Knowing her and being on her eating and exercise regime has truly changed my life. The approach resonated with me because it wasn’t complicated, short-term fix, or the same old routine. It is a lifestyle and it is personalized for you. I can’t speak highly enough about her.

Cathy R.

I highly recommend the Glow By Jenni Houston! Jenni, my personal trainer and nutritionist, is amazing. She is professional and motivating, and she continually pushes me to get results. She is truly an expert in her field and I am in the best shape of my life thanks to her!!!

Grace N.

She changed my life! I lost 25 pounds, embraced the her Glow Plan, and love it! With a workout routine focused on core strength development, the aches and pains are gone. I am stronger and amazed at what I am able to do! I am in the best shape and health in 25 years!

Mary S.

At the age of 54, having raised three children, I wanted to be in the best shape of my life, realizing that 60 was just around the corner. I went to Jenni and I spent four months having her be my nutritional coach and personal trainer. She has had a huge impact on my life! My initial goals were to lose weight and drop one pant size. I not only achieved my goals but surpassed them by losing additional weight and two pant sizes! Her workouts and food plan gave me the Glowing body I had always wanted. Not only was I excited with my great success, but I was able to eliminate my cholesterol medicine as well. Thank you, Jenni, for not only helping me be healthier, but look great too!

Leslie C.

I have tried every diet, from cabbage soup to lemon water with cayenne, with little success! "It wasn't until I started working with Jenni that I realized that a clean, healthy diet is a lifestyle." The bonus side effect is weight loss! Jenni provides the right amount of encouragement and advice to keep you on track! I have never felt better! I feel fortunate to have her as my wellness and lifestyle coach!